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Angel by Thierry Mugler

Top notes: peppermint, lavender and patchouli
Middle notes: coffee, tonka and vanilla
Base notes: caramel, chocolate and musk

  • 50ml EDT    R 345.00
  • 100ml EDT  R 550.00     
  • 50ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 390.00

Boss by Hugo Boss
Warm and spicy scent
With the notes of patchouli, oakmoss, cedar, bergamot, amber, and musk
Scent: warm, spicy, and classic

  • 50ml EDT                         R 325.00
  • 100ml EDT                       R 460.00
  • 50ml EDT RETAILS FOR  R 425.00
  • 100ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 560.00

Contradiction by Calvin Klein

An exhilaration cool-crisp introduction
Combines with the sensual warmth of sheer exotic woods

  • 50ml EDT    R 360.00
  • 100ml EDT   R 550.00
  • 50ml EDT RETAILS R425.00
  • 100ml EDT RETAILS R700.00

Cool Water by Davidoff

Launched in the US in 1992
Most popular sport scent FOR MEN
Fresh and crisp
With the senses of pure coolness ocean

  • 75ml EDT                         R 370.00
  • 125ml EDT                       R 480.00
  • 75ml EDT RETAILS FOR   R 470.00
  • 125ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 650.00

Dune by Christian Dior

Explores essences of fig, black currant and sage
Blends with notes of sandalwood, cedar and basil
A formal fragrance

  • 100ml EDT  R 395.00




Classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender and amber fragrance
Blended with moss, woods, cedar and tobacco
Recommended for daytime wear

  • 100ml EDT   R 450.00


Desire Blue by Dunhill

  • 50ml EDT                      R 360.00
  • 100ml EDT                     R 440.00
  • 50ml EDT RETAILS        R 385.00
  • 100ml EDT RETAILS     R 540.00

Eternity by Calvin Klein
Modern, confident and exhilarating
Concentrated and distinctive

   100ml EDT   R 445.00 


Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Contains bergamot, lemon, lavender
Accented with violet, cedar and leather
Perfect for casual and formal use

  • 200ml EDT   R750.00
  • 100ml EDT RETAILS FOR R795.00

    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent
    A luxurious, fresh masculine scent for man
    Exudes with coriander, bergamot & sage
    Swirls of notes of honey, vanilla & tonka
    Indulges yourself into the most enjoyable moments
    Perfect for casual wear

    • 50ml EDT                         R 320.00
    • 100ml EDT                       R 470.00
    • 50ml EDT RETAILS FOR  R 405.00
    • 100ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 570.00

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