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Fragrance Tips
Perfume is a personal way to communicate one's sensuality and attractiveness. It is an integral part of one's personality as much as one's type of skin, voice or smile. A special touch of fragrance can make an unforgettable impression on others. Here are some tips for applying fragrance:

Apply fragrance to your pulse points which are areas on your skin where blood flow is
strongest and the skin is warmest such as: wrist, behind the ear, chest, neck, behind the
knee and inside the elbow.

Layer your fragrance for long-lasting wear.

It may be necessary to re-apply your fragrance after 3-4 hours.

Walk into your fragrance. This is a method of spraying the fragrance into the air and walking-
into it. The fragrance will be evenly applied while not being too overwhelming.

When testing a new fragrance, allow the fragrance to "settle" on your skin for about 10
minutes. You will experience the different levels of "notes" as the scent mingles with your
body chemistry. You should not test more than 3 fragrances at one time. Your nose will not
be able to pick up the complexities of the fragrance notes.

Avoid over-applying your fragrance. This may lead to an unappealing response from others.
Experiment with different fragrances families. A balanced fragrance wardrobe should include
different a variety of fragrances for that perfect occasion.

Fragrance Facts
Perfume is composed of natural or synthetic fragrant oil extracts diluted in water and high-grade alcohol. The composition of these oil extracts determines the level or "strength" of the fragrance which affects the lasting power of the scent. Below are the different fragrance levels:

Eau de Cologne - least concentrated (fragrance lasts up to 1 hour)
Eau de Toilette - concentrated (fragrance lasts up to 2 hours)
Eau de Parfum - concentrated (fragrance lasts up to 3-4 hours)
Perfume or Parfum Classic - highly concentrated (fragrance lasts up to 5-6 hours)

Fragrance Families
Fragrances are generally categorized into fragrance families based its notes and composition. There are three levels of "notes" associated with every fragrance. These are the Top, Middle, and Base notes. The top notes are the initial essences that are revealed when first applied. After about 5 minutes, the fragrance is absorbed into the skin and middle notes are revealed. Around 10-15 minutes later, the scent is fully developed as it lingers at base. Below is a chart illustrating the popular fragrance families.



Fragrance Layering
Today applying fragrances has become somewhat of an art form. With so many scents to choose from, finding the right products to combine your signature scent is another way to complete your personal style. You may have heard of layering your fragrance. This is a method of applying a fragrance along with matching scented products such as a shower gel, lotion, cream, oil, etc. Layering your fragrance is a way to help keep the scent long-lasting your skin. However you combine these products ultimately depends on your preference and body chemistry. For example, if you have dry skin, a lotion or body cream will work best to keep your skin hydrated as perfume tends to last longer on moisturized skin. If you have oily skin, applying a bit of talc will keep the fragrance stay to your skin. Below are some tips on how to use these products. Experiment and Enjoy!

Shower Gel/Soaps - Cleansing your skin with a scented gel or soap leaves your skin lightly fragranced.

Body Lotion/Moisturizer - A great base for your fragrance! A perfumed moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated, soft and scented with your favorite fragrance.

Body Cream - Perfumed body creams will have a richer, more luxurious consistency than a lotion/moisturizer. If you have dry or very dry skin,

Perfumed Talc/Powder - A scented talc or powder is great when applied to moisturized or oily skin. Helps absorb perspiration, wetness and fights odor.

For Men: After Shave Balm - Lightly scented, a balm helps soothe razor burn and keeps your skin feeling cool and hydrated. Recommended for sensitive, normal and dry skins.

For Men: After Shave Lotion - Can be used alone or before applying your fragrance. Acting like a toner, an after shave lotion helps prepare your skin for an ultimate fragrance experience.

Body Oil - A concentrated scented oil that locks in moisture. Massage onto skin for a warming and long-lasting experience.

Perfumed Deodorant - Helps fight odor and wetness.






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