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make-up & skincare products

Long Lasting Hydrating Foundation
  • Long Lasting, semi fluid and hydrating foundation
  • Contains grape seed oil
  • Skin looks natural and flawless
  • For delicate skin
Soft Cover Duo (Concealer & Highlighter)
  • Helps cover up imperfections, wrinkles & shadows
  • Incredibly leaves skin looking & feeling smooth & soft
  • Effectively ensures a luminous, natural look
  • Perfect for touch-ups
Hydrating Lipcolour
  • A double-duty treatment for the protection of lips
  • Brilliant and long-lasting
  • Contains vitamins E and C and yarrow extract
  • Soft and smooth application
Versace Lipstick
  • Adds a natural-looking & long-wear color
  • SPF8 offers mild protection against environmental stresses
  • Contains vitamin E to protect your lips from dryness
  • Delivers a shiny tint of nourishing color
  • Wears alone beautifully or layers over other lip color
  • Dermatologist-tested
Perfect Lipstick
  • Riches and creamy treatment lipstick
  • Hydrates lips
  • Provides long-lasting color
Wet Cream Lipgloss (Sponge On)
  • Enhances your lips brilliant & long-lasting shine
  • Helps add depth & definition to lips
  • Contains filters to protect lips while hydrating
  • Available in various new shades
  • Lightly scented
Comfort Lip Pencil
No. V2008-D
  • Greatly stay-put long-wearing benefit
  • Smooth & creamy texture glides on easily
  • Subtly enhances the look of your lips
  • Creates a natural-looking lip line in seconds
  • Offers a moisturizing & nourishing treat
Natural Finish Loose Powder
  • A velvety and lightweight powder
  • Controls shine from with radiant splendor
  • Beautiful and luxurious
  • Contains botanical ingredients to soften and smooth the skin

Compact Blush

Soft Cover Duo Concealer & Highlighter

Invisible Pressed Powder

Natural Finishing Loose Powder

Perfect Lipstick

Sensual Glam Full Volume Lipstick

Luxury Volume Mascara

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