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Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne

Contains bergamot, jasmine, violet
Accents with oakmoss, rose
Perfects for daily use

  • 50ml EDP              R 495.00
  • 80ml EDP              R 605.00
  • 50ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 560.00
  • 80ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 705.00

  • Very Irresistible  by Givency 

    • 100ml EDP              R 700.00
    • 50ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 585.00
    • 75ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 725.00

    White Linen by Estee Lauder
    A casual long-weekend feeling
    Bright, breezyy and refreshing
    A splash of sea, sun-washed flowers

    • 60ml EDP              R450.00
    • 60ml EDP RETAILS FOR R 550.0


    Trussardi Skin by Trussardi

    Distinctive, seductive & vibrant
    Top notes: bergamot, mandarin orange, baie rose, jasmine
    Middle notes: lily of the valley, cedar, bazilian rosewood
    Base notes: chypre echo, moss & patchouli
    Captures the essence of sensuous beauty of life

    • 75ml EDP       R 495.00
    • 50ml EDP RETAILS FOR R 475.00
    • 75ml EDP RETAILS FOR R 595.00

    Noa by Cacharel

    Perfects harmony between a heroine and her new fragrance
    Mystic and exotic fragrance for the woman with an adventurous side

    • 50ml EDT              R 375.00
    • 100ml EDT            R 495.00
    • 50ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 475.00
    • 100ml EDT RETAILS FOR R 595.00

    Red Jeans by Versace

    Sharp and floral fragrance
    With the blend of jasmine, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and lily
    Recommended for casual wear

    • 100ml EDP      R 490.00


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